Youth Employment and Empowerment

Through Private Sector and Value Chain Development is A joint initiative of the United Nations Development Programme, Kingdom of the Netherland and the State Government of Lakes state.

The primary goal of YEEP is to provide vulnerable youth in Lakes State with high-quality vocational skills training, value chain development, and entrepreneurial skills, which will lead to youth employment, SME development, and income generation, hence, reducing high rate of unemployment among youth.

The project Trained 1519 Young men and women across five counties and two payams of lakes state.

The Training was divided into two categories:

  1. Institution-Based Training (IBT):

This training was administered in Rumbek Vocational Training Centre (RVTC). There were various courses offered to trainees for IBT that includes; Carpentry & Joinery, Automotive, Computer operation, Plumbing & pipes fitting, electrical & solar installation and hospitality & catering.

  • Community-based training (CBT):

This training was provided in five counites and two Payams of lakes state that includes; Rumbek Centre, Wulu, Rumbek East, Yirol West, Abiriu and Aluakluak. There were various courses offered to trainees based on individual choice during the CBT such as Animal Husbandry, Crop production, Milk processing, honey processing & packaging, Agriculture Value chain and hairdressing.

The main activities of the projects are:

  1. Recruitment of Trainees: VOSDO in partnership with Rumbek Vocational Training Centre (RVTC) announcement the training opportunities to general public and was able to absorb more than 300 trainees for IBT in Rumbek. Again, VOSDO recruited more than 1200 trainees for CBT in five counites and two Payams of Lakes state.
  2. Training: VOSDO trained more than 300 trainees for Institution Based Training (IBT) on the following basic core competencies:
  3. Carpentry & Joinery
  4. Automotive (General mechanics)
  5. Computer operations
  6. Plumbing & pipes fitting
  7. Electrical & solar installation
  8.  Hospitality & catering

         Again, VSODO trained more than 1200 trainees for Community Based Training (CBT) on the following non-core competencies;

  • Animal Husbandry
  •  Crop production
  • Milk processing
  •  Honey processing & packaging
  • Agriculture Value chain
  • Hairdressing
  • Graduation and certificates issuing: The YEEP graduated 306 trainees for IBT in RVTC and 1213 trainees for CBT in counties and payams on both core basic competencies and non-core basic competencies. Hence, the total graduates for IBT and CBT tantamount to 1519 graduates. The graduates received their certificates during the graduation.
  • Distribution of startup kits /support: VOSDO distributed startup kits /support to 1519 graduates of IBT and CBT. They were organized in group and were given startup kits in group. The essence of distributing startup kits in group is to help them to build social cohesion among themselves and too ease contribution towards VSLA.
  • Business registration: VOSDO facilitated the registration of established businesses of graduates at state, county and payam levels. VOSDO registered 19 running trading businesses of graduates and 10 farmers cooperatives in Rumbek.
  • Post training and business mentorship support triaining: VOSDO team in Rumbek have provided business mentorship training to 1519 graduates of YEEP.
  • Top up of startup kits: VSODO have distributed the top up of startup kits to graduates to help them to boost up and expand their businesses. 

Electrical and solar installation trainees connecting 4 solar panels RVTC

Trainees for catering and hospitality baking Cakes in RVTC