One hand doesn’t clap

My name is Laura, I am 28 years old, I live in Hai Salam, a widow and mother of five children 4 girls and one boy. The father of my children died in 2012 during the conflict of Wau (Wau fimahalu), it is almost 8 years now taking care of my children as single mother with the little I have, said Laura.
For the last two years till now I have been supported by Malteser International organization, on their first support they told us not to use all the money for food but at least someone can start a small business with the little out of what he/she has, I took their words and I bought tabelliya and started my business putting some small things in it, since from that time up to date am still working in my tabelliya.
In these two days training I learned a lot from the training of which I could not know before. I used to do business but without knowledge or principles of business, after I completed the training I will restart my business plan, then I will do market assessment to know what are the most important products needs in the area
I thanks and appreciate Maltester International for offering us this opportunity of knowledge on basic skills on business management. My massage to my fellow women is that, we women I know we are a good care takers of our children at homes but don’t be lazy to wait always from your husband. Yes he is the head of the house hold but still we must have our own business, one day one time he may not have something for feeding but from what you have, you will feed your family with it, or if the money for the school fees is not there, you may do the same to paid the school fees. Help your husband, life needs cooperation, when your husband doesn’t have something, it should be your turn to provide for that day.