Life Sustainability for Development

My name is Pasquale Remijo Amin from Kpaile in Rafili Boma, I was staying in Gumaba before we moved here in Rafilli due to communal conflicts As a beneficiary I want to thanks FAO organization and the partner VOSDO who though of their civilian been neglected for so many years since 2015, thanks God this year our prayers been answer by the heavenly father. Remijo added that, seeds which was distributed to us were doing well.and these type of seeds we don’t have them in our village especially maize is doing well with the big cobs, where I m standing now is my individual farm said Mr. Pasquale, next year I want to encourage FAO and partners to improve distribution plan for speed up to capture farming season. Early planting of maize crops is better, because it by pass the out- break of fall army worms occasionally. My massage is, we want all the other organizations to come in also and join FAO, not only FAO and partner alone but all humanitarian organization we need them in our place. Any organization willing to come for help, we are ready to received them for the development our area.