Embark in Agriculture than Conflict

Photo of: Mayar Mayar – Beneficiary from Majak Group
Mayar said, “Before VOSDO came, we thought our way of life was alright, our community used to have conflict with the neighboring communities. We always blame them for instigating communal fights not knowing that we have our own fair share of the stir up of the conflict. Now, we can solve conflict amicably because we know that a poor respond to any conflict can worsen it. On good Agricultural practices, we realized that line planting is the best though we are much more friendly to our traditional broadcasting method of seeds planting. We have embraced this new method although it would take time for its full adaptation. We would wanted the Organization next year to consult us on the type of seeds that yield well in our soil especially the groundnuts and local varieties of sorghum i.e. Gadam-hamam and others.”