Do your Farm not Food Aid, said Akook

Akook story:
My name is Akook Aleu Madut, Iam 32 years old, mother of seven children, four boys and three girls. My main sources of income is farming in general, but the most income which I really realize now is from seed production projects of Vosdo we work for, says Akook:, both food crop, sorghum, groundnuts and simsim before VOSDO train me, I was a traditional vegetable grower in Gogrial East and also do pity trade during dry season, that was before my displacement to Gogrial west County.
Yes, I carter for my family, they are now getting two meals per a day since August 2019 and will continue until coming January 2020 and from February they will have only one meal per a day, this because not to have shortage of food until the coming season.
Early this year I was inform about this Organization VOSDO and have been register at the same time by RRC field supervisor. It’s my first time to participate in this projects of seeds production.
This program gain me a lot of farming technologies like row planting, crop rotation, importance of early weeding, timely planting, selection of healthy seeds is healthy crops, timely harvesting and harvesting management. Adding into that, the knowledge and skills I have received during trainings will help me in my daily life activities especially what is called crops diversity, eg:- if one crop fail the other one will not. And I prove it this year, it happen to me I cultivate one Fadden for groundnuts and two Fadden for sorghum, animals destroyed some part of sorghum and when the flood came the other part was affected badly by flood all my effort just went off. The reason is because of late planting and also the lower land which is easy to flooding .and my groundnuts was planted on a high land which make them to escape the flooding period.
Is only this year I have seen little change and improved in my livelihood as a result of training we got during cultivation season as I told you, me and my family are now getting meals twice a day though we will resume to one day meals for coming six months.
From my farm I earn six bags of groundnuts four are here and two are in the market. Next year plan is to expand my farm to six Fadden four for groundnuts and two for sorghum, if VOSDO will continue support us especially with oxplogh said Akook.
Future plan I will sell this four bags out and try to save some money for next year to send one or two of my children to school because they never went to school before because lack of money then to buy them clothes and also will shift my farm from low land to high land to avoid flood.
My massage to our community’s said Akook: not to think of food aid, but to seek and participate in any agriculture projects of the organization to make farms as our main sources of income especially women. Lastly I appreciate VOSDO for the valuable training we received that make change in my life and voice to be hard with the skills of seed production as our primary business.
Akook was the best among the beneficiaries who perform well in seed production projects while she is a disable.