Disability is not inability

My name is John Akot, am blind, age 47 years old, married and blessed with one child, yes I tried to do the business of selling charcoal. I bought two sacks I put them in a cavera ready for sale and then I went to the village, when I came back I found the charcoal have got finished and they reported that they sold them all and the money has been used for feeding. I have nothing to say about that, because they are my family, and this is the result of how I start from nothing or I have started in a wrong way.
But I Thank Malteser International for organizing this valuable basic training on business management skills for these two days. What I learn from the training is; to make a business, you need to do a research in the market, to know the market assessment and there are four component that you must know them: market, customer, place and goods/products, first assesse the market what is needed by the customers, who is your customers, and the operational place, If you know all this you don’t have any problem in starting the business. When conducting a market assessment know very well what are the items, which are most needed by the customers and the product should be what will run faster or finish in time so that you bring another one. Secondly customer care, know how to maintain your customers. Third, place where you operate your business and last one is you the owner, your appearance as the owner of the place matters to make people like and love your place, when talking to customers use good language, e.g. like sir, madam, Dr., etc. Those are new knowledge skills of business which I have learned in two days training another one you need to keep a record book the expenditures and the entrance daily for any single among used.
Thanks to Malteser again, said Akot, they gave us valuable knowledge and skills, then it’s for us now to implement and put the skills into practice and am sure from here I will start my business with confident of good results from new knowledge I gained