Disability is not inability said Akau

My name is Akau Kuot Abal, I live in Kangi County in warnyeil boma Iam 30 years old, a mother of six children and am disable by one leg. Most of my time I spent in the farm during farming season working on others people farms for survival of my children, we are more than four women to my husband I have to do such kinds of work to feed my family.
Iam a traditional farmer and a wild fruits collector in a dry season, Life is still very hard for me, because what I produced is not enough for my family, because we have start planting a bit late around June to July this year when the grass is already grown.
Is only this year I came to know this. Organization VOSDO and register at the same time by the chief who selected me as one of the beneficiaries of warnyeil farm, is my first time to participate in such kind of activity.
This program have learn me a lot e.g.:-line planting of a crop or seeds, in which we were not used to, and also the production of quality seeds. All these from the knowledge I gain, I was able to cultivate this one Fadden of mind, despite my disability, and I harvest four sacks of groundnuts and for sorghum is not yet threshed. Adding into that, I have learn many of farming technologies like proper weeding, crops rotation and intercropping e.g., sorghum and cowpeas.

At the moment I did not expect profit now but I will sell three sacks and keep one for next year seeds, and I will continue with farming as my main business activity for seed production.
My request from VOSDO is to provide me with a bicycle to transport my seeds form farm to home because moving with one leg will take time to reach farm.
Now I had started with my next year plan with land clearance early, to allow me to cultivate four to five feddans for groundnuts and one for sorghum intercropping with cowpeas.
Some money from the sold seeds, I will repair my tukul and buying food items at home. My massage to those who never participates in seeds production program, let them come to our demo plot and see the right farming methods and they will go and apply in their farms.