Business matters

My name is John Satur, a father of 7 children; three are here together with me and the mother, 3 in Juba and 1 in Yambio, all are in school
I am a farmer since 1991, when I was terminated from the army of SAF. From that year of 1991 I did not joined any institution either government or forces, just I am concentrating in agricultural activities, said Satur; the last three years I did nothing due to my health condition I went under operation eight times and because of that we are surviving on the small business that am doing, I have a tabelliya with some little things like salt, soap, oil, onions, sugar and matches also having a place at my home for selling a log trees.
The poles, bamboo and others, I am getting them from those who use to bring them from the bush for sell, I buy from them with a low price and put them in log trees to sell them out, I add small among on top to get little benefit, these how am living with my family, from what we have I paid their school fees, medication, feeding and everything.
This year is a bit harder for me, now my elder son has entered University of Juba and the fees is not yet paid for him and the other two brother, but for rest three children, I paid because they are still in primary. Three are here in Wau and one in yambio, am still waiting if I got something then I will completed their fees.
The knowledge and skills we received from the two days training is very helpful, it’s we to put into practice from the little we have already and adding the new skills we got from the training, especially maintaining of the business not to fail, way of getting loan from somewhere, way of bringing goods or products from the market and market assessment itself and the place where you work or operated your business.