Be creative and build yourself with business

My name is Parina Rodolfo a widow and a mother of 7 children 4 girls 3 boys, and 6 years now holding the responsibility as a single mother. All my children are in school the elder one is in secondary and the rest are in primary.
I run a small business of restaurant at my home, how I start my business? I am a neighbor to a local bar, every day I see people coming out of the bar falling down and others doesn’t, one day I asked them what’s the problem most of them telling me that they drink in empty stomach from that day I went to market, I bought one leg of cow to make soup, I came back home cooked it nicely in the morning its ready I went back to the bar and I Started to announce that I have a soup at home with a reasonable price if you feel hungry come to me I will sale for you, first two people came together then I gave them very little soup to taste it, when they got it very delicious they order two dishes of soup and two bread this is how I start my business from one leg now am cooking 6 legs per a day, said Parina; these how I’m survived with my children from the small business I have, I keep some small among out of it for school fees, emergency, medication, reserved and our feeding, for the school fees I made a small box and every day I used to save 500 pounds in the sealed box for school fees, I don’t have any problem on that, when the time comes I just open the box and start registering my children in school because I arrange for the last these for 12 months.
My massage to my dear sisters outside there is, wake up, you women do something small, create for yourself small business, don’t say I have no money, you’re a mother and a mother must work hard to serve her children don’t wait for your husband only to come and give you, God gave you everything, hand and mind, so a mother must work.