Technical and Business Management Skills Training for Government Staff


The Director General, Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, Gogrial State, said in brief that the Carpentry workshop was donated by the National Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning in 2010. The full budget was released for the purchase of the machinery, tools and equipment needed for the workshop including the cost of construction of the workshop. A piece of land was allocated around Kuajok town and contractor was identified to do the construction. Unfortunately; due to reason out of their control the construction was not materialized. All the machines, tools are still available in the current workshop beside the main market.

The DG indicated that most of the machine parts are available with the exception of the original generator that was given to Twic State during the distribution of the assets after the creation of the 28 states. Nevertheless; there is another generator brought to the workshop.

The ministry is committed to revive the carpentry and the welding workshops and 11 staff has been identified to start working. Given the fact that they were trained long time ago by Norwegian Refugees Council (NRC) and since then they haven’t practice their skills. The ministry thought of retraining them.

Objective of the production workshop/unit

The DG stated that this production workshop was created with the objective to generate income for the Ministry to enable them carry their duty as well as produce high quality, low cost, affordable furniture to the general public, schools and government institution. In summary the objectives are:
1- Reduce the Ministry dependency on the national and state government for operation cost budget.
2- Increase youth employment opportunities (as the work increased more youth can be employed).
3- Increase family income through incentive scheme of the government staff
4- Production of high quality, low cost furniture for public
5- Availing training opportunities for young men and women in the welding and carpentry workshop.
6- Regulate the cutting of the forest tree.
7- Reduce the random and uncontrolled cutting of the forest tree.

VOSDO initiative:

The ministry of Agriculture and Forestry approached the Vocational Skills Development Organization (VOSDO) to help in training the eleven (11) staffs so that they are skilled with Business and technical skills to enable them carry out their expected duties. VOSDO accepted the request by the Ministry and organized three (3) weeks training. The training objectives are;

1- Fill in the skills gap within the carpentry trade.
2- Equip the staff with competency based knowledge to enable them carry their job professionally.
3- Equip them with the latest knowledge on furniture production.
4- Equip them with basic knowledge in the use of simple machines.
5- Equip them with entrepreneurial and business management skills such as basic accounting, book keeping and costumer care.

VOSDO contribution for the training

The VOSDO’s Executive Director stated that they have very limited resources at hand but this does not prevent them to contribute for the success of the training. He said that Skills Development and youth empowerment is one of their top priorities. VOSDO said they shall contribute with:
1- Hire of facilitators (2)
2- Catering for food and refreshment for fourteen (14) participants
3- Fuel to run the generator during the training
4- Tools and equipments (Hired)
5- Certification

MoA Contribution:

Ag. Director of forestry explained that the Ministry is committed for the success of the skills training and is just limited financially. However; he said that the ministry shall contribute in the following:
1- Aviles the training venue
2- Mobilization of the trainees
3- Training materials
4- And shall allow the use of the available tools, machinery for the training propose

The training activities:

The training started on the 5th of December 2016 with opening ceremony, the ceremony was addressed by the Director General Mr. Martin Madut, in which he commented the initiative taken by VOSDO to support this training program. He also encouraged the participants to work hard and follow the instruction given by the facilitator and cooperate fully for the success of the training program. He said that by the end of this training the participants should have acquired the necessary skills needed to operate the various machineries at workshop, produce quality products as well as maintaining of good records.