Increasing availability and access to quality locally produced seeds and tools through the youth engagement as entrepreneur

Key constraints relate to sustainable rural supply of inputs (availability), farmer ability to purchase inputs (access), and farmer capacity to appropriately apply inputs to optimize their benefits (utilization).

To ensure a sustainable supply of high-quality seed at affordable prices, VOSDO with funding from the European Union through the EMPOWER project is building the capacity of youth to produce quality certify seeds at the community level.

The main activities of the projects are:

  1. Training of 200 youths in quality seed production: 200 beneficiaries in Jur River county, Udici Payam (Western Bahr el-Gazal state).

The training provided to produce quality seed are:

  • Group dynamics
  • Land clearance and preparation
  • Planting (in improved agronomic practices)
  • Weed and weeding practices
  • Harvesting and post -harvest management
  • Grading, packaging and marketing
  • Input distribution: the project distributed the following types and amount of foundation seeds:
  • 4665 kg of groundnut (Variety: Serina 2) and 400 kg of sorghum (Variety: Ghedem-hamam)

In total within these two rainy seasons 5056 kg of foundation seed distributed

  • Farm tools distribution: to prepare their land properly and in a safe way the project distributes 100 digging hoe, 100 weeding hoe and 100 molodas.
  • Land developed: 210 feddan of land has been planted groundnut and sorghum by 200 beneficiaries which means each beneficiary has one feddan and 10 training demonstration plots.
  • Recruiting and training of Community facilitators: The project recruited and trained 20 youths to monitor and follow up the activity of the beneficiaries at the grass root level.
  • Establishment of input Agro-shop: one agro input shop with 3 beneficiaries has been established at Gette and these 3 beneficiaries trained in Business management and cost recovery before opening the shop to start their business 2.4 MT certified seed and 100 different type of farm tools delivered
  • 400 community leaders have been trained in importance of improved seed and 6 staffs from the State ministry of agricultural officers trained on seed production and inspection.
  • Seed production by youth in year 1

48 MT of certified seed have been harvested