Availability, access and proper use of food sustained over time.

“Our food security and livelihood projects, as well as dealing with issues regarding production, access and income, help prevent and anticipate future outbreaks of malnutrition.”

Our Projects are designed to improve a vulnerable community’s access to sustainable sources of food and income. Through promotion of agricultural production, Seeds Security and Value chain development and local markets Support through support micro-enterprise initiatives, etc. In short, their goal is to improve a vulnerable community’s access to sustainable sources of food and income.

Our approach to Food Security and Livelihood:

An inclusive approach.

We aim to take inclusive approach in all our activities in order to deal with the underlying and long-term causes of hunger and malnutrition. For this reason, we coordinate food security activities with those that deal with nutrition.

Community Engagement

We adopted community engagement approach at all levels and at all stages of a project. At early project stages we plan for the transfer of the responsibility for the project to the target community. In the course of the situation analysis, the traditional knowledge and measures relating to crisis management are identified, in order to make sure that the implemented food security activities are appropriate for the community.

From crisis to self-reliance.

At times, food security activities begin during the initial stages of a crisis, when a community’s infrastructure and food supply have been destroyed. Our efforts, in this case, may include distribution of food, cash and other essential items in order to prevent outbreaks of serious malnutrition in the short term and to ensure that, in the future, crops and lost livestock may be recovered.

Context analysis.

Food security activities must take the following into account: climate, geography, socioeconomic systems and political structures. For this reason, our programs are designed to attend to the specific needs of each crisis and each community.